I am Sameer Bansal, offers liaison services in Europe/India

Can be your

Expert in promoting high end European designer & life style products


Multitasking & Dynamic liasoning…

I am of an Indian origin, Dutch citizen. Have over 20 years of business experience in promoting premium building material products within Europe/India. Have residential offices at The Netherlands and in India. Frequently, travels within Europe and in India. My expertise is in the exploring and liasoning of the designer range of interior/exterior building material from India/Europe.


Vow International provides liaison services for the European and Indian companies who are keen to expand their operations in The Netherlands/Europe. We can act as an extended arm of your company by assisting with services to tap potential business. Help in sourcing the desired materials, support through liasoning and assistance in setting up the required infrastructure. In the world of ever expanding digital communication, personal human contacts always create an 'icing on the cake'.

Science Graduate



PG in Sales and Marketing



International Business management



Currently, own liasoning business

Vow International

Earlier, Director Europe marketing

Dutch Company

Started, as Sales Professional in India

Boots UK, KNOLL BASF Germany

My Skills
Linking Europe with prospective Clients
Opportunities explorer
Business promotion

Services rendered / Clients in India & Europe


Liaison services dedicated to International entrepreneurs, prestigious projects for procuring &

High end luxury products in Europe/India

Remote assistance

Can assist within India & Europe, wherever digital communication fails..


Bring results after understanding ‘in between the lines’


Generate perfect harmony between clients & their respective prospects.

Opportunities finder

We explore opportunities as per the ever changing geographical locations.


Can become your ‘eyes and ears’ in the designated markets.


Targeted networking as per the clients goals and objectives.


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